Blog-minimalism1Why are we raised to achieve to own as much stuff as possible?

I’m fairly new at this, but I’m realizing that I have been living a minimalist lifestyle since I got married 10 months ago, and I didn’t even know it.

I have read countless of times that “accumulating stuff isn’t the key to happiness“, but I never really understood it, until recently.

I am not sure if my wife realizes that we are living a minimalist lifestyle, in fact, I KNOW she doesn’t. But just yesterday, we were driving home from work, and just a mile before we got home, she turned to me and said, “we have a good life“, I looked back at her and responded: “Yes, I feel very fortunate to have this wonderful life“. It’s not like we don’t have any problems, or that I say we are minimalists because we are completely broke, none of that. We are using a lot of our income to pay off our debts that we accquired when we got married. It’s not much, close to 40 grand, but still, we are paying 4 grand a month so that we can be done by the end of the year.

At our home, we don’t have much, barely the essentials, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything in life, it’s quite the opposite.


We have a TV, that’s right, ONE television. It doesn’t really work like a television because our brand spanking new housing development isn’t equipped with cable, land phone, or internet lines. We got this TV as a wedding present, but it has basically become a statue in our unused TV room.

I stopped watching TV two years before I got married, I don’t miss the countless commercials. I don’t miss wasting time being told what I should be wearing, driving, where I should be going on vacation, and I certainly don’t miss television telling me that the way I look isn’t the way I’m supposed to look. It’s taken me over 30 years to finally accept myself exactly the way I am, and I’m not gonna let something like television tell me otherwise.

Instead of watching TV, when we buy stuff, it’s usually one article of clothing or lots of food, but only because my wife loves to cook and I love to eat, funny how that worked out perfectly. We don’t buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff, just because we have the money to spend it.


We only have ONE car, but we are realizing that we probably need another one so that my wife can move around and take care of her business. We haven’t figured out when or if at all we are gonna get another car, we might just figure out a way for her to use the car while I am at my day job.


Whenever I come home from work, I feel like (since we don’t have internet connection or television) we get to talk while we do other things, like watering the plants or while my wife has something in the oven (did I mention she loves to cook?) anyway, the point is that we get to interact a lot.

I feel like IF our television was functional and connected to cable or satelite, or if I had internet connection at home, I would get home and vegetate, and all of our great conversations and exchanges would be lost.

Of course, I’m working on buying some stuff for the house, but things that are necessary, like a garage door, so we’re saving up for that.


Since we moved into our new home last year, we basically moved in a rush, so we used one of the rooms to put most of the stuff, then little by little, we started taking stuff out of that room as we needed it, and then placed those items where we thought they should go in the house. A few realizations came out of that.

  1. The stuff that’s still in that room are things we literally haven’t touched in 10 months (and probably won’t use any time soon).
  2. I still have bags of clothes I haven’t even openned yet, much less wear what’s in them.
  3. When I heard about the Project 333, I realized that I had been living like that for the past 10 months. (I guess I won?)
  4. If the stuff in that room makes it to ONE YEAR and we still haven’t touched it by then, I’m going to throw it out, sell it, donate it, or giving it away.

My wife says she feels she is happier now tan ever before. Maybe that’s because she can focus on her personal goals, and she doesn’t have stuff surrounding her distracting her from her goals, count me into that sentence as well.  Since I don’t have internet at home, I get to work on my side projects and building myself in every way, such as taking courses, listening to previously downloaded podcasts, (that’s how I realized I had been living a minimalist lifestyle) and working on a side project that will son evolve into a full blown business.

With that mouthful, I say bye for now.

-Sir Tonix



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