Keeping up with the joneses

First of all, I didn’t know anyone was reading this stuff I write. So all of the people who read, or even went out of their way to press “like” on my Minimalist Lifestyle post, THANK YOU!!!

tumblr_n953u74Ipb1t6lixeo1_500With that said, today’s post is about competition and comparison. Since I’m fairly new to minimalism, I’ve been listening to a few podcasts on minimalism and simple living (shout out to Joel Zaslofsky) I’ve heard Joel and Joshua say that comparing yourself to other people is unfair, both, to you and to them, run your own race, things like that, at least, that’s what I got from the SASMs.

We all heard about this so-called epic fight last saturday, right? 
(I’ll reserve my comments about that right now.)

Anyway, my close circle of friends, which consists of only about 5 of us and our wives (and now their kids), got together at my friend’s house (who happens to live a version of minimalism, but he doesn’t know it yet), and we did the whole barbecue cookout, had a few beers, and watched the race, I mean the fight.

I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed before, another one of my friends in particular kept dropping comments that really surprised me, and due to my new minimalist consciousness, it sort of made me a little sad.

The reason being that those comments weren’t meant to hurt anyone, however, they were materialistic in nature, he kept saying that he wanted to buy a bigger car, a pick up truck, a motorcycle, his wife also kept dropping hints that his iPhone was brand new, that her clothes and earrings were new, that their kid got 52 presents for his birthday two weeks ago and so on.


When I heard him say, “I want a new car”, I kept on thinking: what’s wrong with your honda? How is a newer car going to make you any happier?

When he said, “I want a motorcycle”, I thought: wow, if he gets it, he’ll end up seeing his kid and wife a lot less that he does now.

When his wife said something about the fact that she had the latest iPhone available, I thought, how is having a brand new iPhone, versus an iPhone from last year any different, how is that making you happier, and how is that bringing VALUE to your life?

All I heard was, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, and the way he was saying it, was as if he was damn sure that once he gets there, THEN he’ll be happy. I also thought: that isn’t going to make you happy at all, that’s going to distract you from your loved ones.

collect-moments-not-things-quoteI like this guy, I really do, but it seems like he is taking his life in one direction, and I am taking mine the opposite way.  I am becoming less materialistic, and more about experiences with family and loved ones. My wife has noticed this already. I got tired of keeping up with the joneses, I’m dropping out of the race, I want to make my wife and I happy by collecting experiences (not things) and working on our personal goals, not comparing myself to my materialistic friends, or anyone else.

So, to wrap up this post, here and now, I declare this:
From now on, I will only work on the above mentioned (underlined).

-Sir Tonix


4 thoughts on “Keeping up with the joneses

  1. Nice post! I am with you on hearing people talking about material things as if this will bring them happiness, it makes me zone out of conversation with that person and want to shake them and tell them that these ‘things’ do not matter one bit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Michelle, I’m glad you liked the post. Regarding your comment, I completely agree. I know I wanted to say something, but I’m new at this, and I didn’t know what to say.


  2. Woop woop ! I have found a new blogger like me 🙂
    This is a nice post, and I completely agree with you ! Even though ‘you didn’t know what to say’ you’ve said it well.


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