The Common Denominator

It’s been about a month since I realized that I had been living a minimalist lifestyle for almost a year. As I mentioned before, I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts, and everyone’s story is different. Every minimalist I’ve heard of, or read about, approaches minimalism in a different way. Some people get anal about getting down to the lowest possible number of material possessions, other people pack everything and start traveling, some other people stop buying new things and start de-cluttering for the sake of mental clarity, yet others surround themselves ONLY with things that add value to their lives; or a mixture of all of the above. However, there seems to be a huge common denominator, all of the stories I’ve heard so far, sooner or later touch the chord that resonates with me to my core, and that’s getting rid of debt.

I’ve heard it many times, “I started donating, selling, repurposing, throwing away stuff, and so on, some time later, I got rid of debt, then I really went to work on my goals and dreams.”

If minimalism could help me get rid of my debt alone, it would be a huge step in the right direction, which direction you say?  The direction in which I envision my life to be like in the near future.

But that’s not all, allow me to go one step further. Another big step in the right direction (for me) is to drop my day job in a year or two, and dedicate my life to managing my own small business. Minimalism seems to be overpopulated by people like that, and if I can do the same, or I can somehow be guided to achieve it, that would be great.

Take care,

-Sir TonixDebt-Free-Feeling


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