Minimalism Is Honesty

Wow. Ivan totally gets minimalism. Read his post “Minimalism is honesty”.

Ivan 2.0

According to Wikipedia Minimalism is

 “In the visual arts and music, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements.”

Or basically style that is stripped down to what actually is or “honesty”. In lifestyle it’s all about downsizing and living with things that you really need, thinking of the things that are only important and so on. There is more to it in terms of architecture (space), music and writing (Literary Minimalism)

minimalism-quotes-6I’m not aiming to bare down facts because trust me I only know these things on surface value but in this point of my life I need change. Personally I believe that I am a born “minimalist” I was always and constantly attracted to simplicity, meaning, efficiency, organization and true expression through intelligent simple ways. And putting my life down on a piece of paper? It would show shocking images of clutter and things just going everywhere…

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