Minimal spending

Since I’ve been living minimal, I’ve put my focus on getting rid of debt and not spending more than I think I should.  Last week I received a bonus. A two weeks’ worth of a paycheck, plus my regular weekly paycheck. So basically, I got 3 week’s worth.

plan-to-spend-money-on-marketingWhat used to happen in previous years especially being single, upon the reception of said bonus, is the following: a lot of us at work would do the same thing, spent it as fast as we could as if the money were going to rot.

This time it was different.

I had been wanting needing to buy some glasses for my wife, due to the fact that she can’t drive without them, let’s just say a drunk driver can drive better than my sober wife without glasses, and since we only have one car, we get to share it, but not until she could actually see where she’s going.

So, I divided the money into three (not equal) parts.

Part 1 – I took my wife to the optometrist and got the glasses she wanted.

Part 2 – Got groceries and paid the gas bill (as usual).

Part 3 – (and this is what I usually would have blown on eating out and drinking) I gave the rest as payment and got rid of our debt we acquired when we got married last year.

debt20free20signWe are -by no means- debt free yet, but we are making progress. We still have to finish paying off our car, which if we continue to be responsible with our spending, will be entirely paid off by december this year, and finally will be debt free.

After paying off our debt, we will then start saving for a garage door, which is absolutelly necessary at this point, due to the fact that we had an incident in which someone tried (and succeeded) to force a door open to steal our stuff. Luckily, they only got into the laundry room and did not steal anything. Nevertheless, my wife and my mother, both have been pushing me to get the garage gate, since the house didn’t have one when we bought the house last year. I thought we could do without it for a while, but that break-in incident proved me wrong.

It will take a while to save for that garage door, especially since they are certainly not cheap around here, but first things first, wiggle your big toe, I mean… pay the car off.



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