My new habit

Since minimalism, I’ve been focusing more on what matters to me … obviously (the goal of minimalism), so I’ve been changing small habits, here and there.

One of the things I changed in the last month (since I started this blog) was to start exercising.  I was amazed at how out of shape I really was four weeks ago. I mean REALLY out of shape. My younger brother recommended a fitness app that tracks your progress and gives you different awards for it.

Because I was so out of shape, I started walking around my housing development. The first time I walked three times around it, which is about 1.24 miles. Now I haven’t been doing it daily, but I’ve been getting used to going out and making walking a priority.

Today, I programmed a new challenge for myself. I reduced the walking distance to exactly ONE MILE but every single day for a month. No matter what, every single day. At the end of this month, I want walking to be an unbreakable habit.

When I’m done with the month on june 28, 2015, I’ll increase it to 1.5miles or 2 miles (I don’t know yet). I will post my progress on here for accountability.


-Sir Tonix


2 thoughts on “My new habit

  1. This is such a good initiative. I also am out of shape and walking is definitely a good option for me. I’ll be doing that for the next two months, maybe we could share tracks 😉

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  2. Yeah, I’ve been consulting a fitness blog, and this expert suggests that for truly out-of-shape beginners, Getting used to daily activity is the first step, then increase distance, speed, OR intensity should only be done after ONE month of going out every day.

    It’d be fun to share tracks… stay active Sovann. Salut!

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