What causes simple living?


It seems like a lot of people come to simple living/minimalism after a major event in their lives.

I think I’m beginning to see a pattern. I believe it’s because (for many) it’s the first time people rethink their whole lives ahead of them and (I believe) people tend to purge during that introspective process.

So, without further ado, here are the most common catalyst to become a minimalist (not listed in any particular order)

1) Break up / divorce.

I’ve heard it many times, “I was living with my boyfriend/girlfriend and I thought he/she was the one, and all of a sudden, the relationship ended and I was left alone with half of the stuff in the house gone, then I started decluttering all the stuff that reminded me of him/her, and before I knew it, I started feeling a lot better” and just like that, a minimalist is born.

Honestly, I cannot imagine how painful this process might be, but I can see that it is a good enough reason to rethink one’s life ahead and figure out what is truly important to one’s life and start over with our priorities rearranged.

2) Getting married

This is the category in which I fall. I had lived on my own before while going to college, but it wasn’t until I got married that I started thinking about all the money we are supposed to put into the house, specially if you buy a new house, there’s always stuff to buy, such as blinds, another carpet, a sofa that “complements the space”, a new garden hose… well, you get the idea.

But moving into your new house with your wife/husband can (and in my case, DID) make people think about all the stuff they have (and don’t have).  I started looking at things I collected over the years leading to my marriage, and I remember thinking: “why do I have this neon sign in my room?” and inevitably, you pretty much re-evaluate your possessions due to the fact that you KNOW your life is about to change in a few days.

Before you know it, you’ve purged A LOT of your stuff, and realize that you’ve accumulated stuff that didn’t really add any value to your live.

3) Moving away to a new city

Oh, the good old “fresh start”. Just like some people move away for a job (or whatever reason) and they start decluttering in order to take only the essencial to their new place.  I had to do this many times, I did it when I moved to Cleveland, Ohio [Owe Age Eye Owe!], and had to do it again a year later when moving away from Ohio to come to where I live now. (I promise I will do a post on this)

4) Getting pregnant

Getting pregnant also causes you to rethink about the rest of your life and also reflect upon the decisions you’ve made in the past. This can also be a strong enough reason to become a minimalist. However, more often than not, getting pregnant causes soon to be parents to freak out about whether they have enough money to raise their child and focus more on having and getting the money to raise the child, as opposed to focusing on the experience of raising said child.

It could go either way, people can become materialists or minimalists. It is a game-changer.

With that mouthfull, until next time.

-Sir Tonix


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