It’s been a while

Lately, I’ve been busy with a few important tasks.

I have been doing 4 things:

  1. Working at my day-job.
  2. Looking for my personal purpose.
  3. Working on my on-line business.
  4. Reading and writing (a lot).

Number 2 is what has been taking me the longest.

Have you ever felt like your life isn’t as exciting or as meaningful as you thought I’d be?

Have you ever asked yourself, is this it?  Is there anything else for me?

The thought of doing payroll for the next 30 years is not only terrifying, but also mind numbing.  I asked myself all of these questions about a month or two ago.

I have been doing my research, looking for answers, and I found some. However, I don’t think I’m done at all. It is a long journey of self discovery.

I stumbled upon a few books, blogs, videos, etc. Some are very good and grounded, and some are way out there.

I’m putting together a compilation of what I believe to be the best of all my sources. Who knows, maybe if enough people are interested in reading it. I might put it together as a short e-book.

But first, I don’t think I can show others the way, but I think I can show some of my own progress.

For example, I found out through a TED talk, that between 50 and 70 percent of people surveyed for a study, said that they are not happy with their current job/career.

I’m not either.

But why are people doing things they don’t like? How did we end up doing something we find boring or mind numbing?

One of my sources explains the difference between performing tasks to meet a need of survival versus a purpose driven goals.

We somehow get stuck in this survival mode, and never move beyond.

I got the answer I was looking for: there IS more to life than doing payroll forever. All I need is to align my goals with my purpose.

More on that in subsequent posts.

I am happy with my breakthrough.

That’s all for today.

Please be happy, you owe it to yourself.



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