I thought about it.

I really thought about it.

What am I lacking in my character development?


I heard that question in a talk, and then I suddenly heard the loud shout coming from inside my brain: DISCIPLINE!

It’s as if my brain knew exactly the answer I was looking for.

Yes, my character lacks discipline. It takes a certain level of honesty mixed with a certain level of humility to even think that, let alone write it and publish it.

And because I lack discipline, I know what I’m going to do in order to become a disciplined human being.

Stop-Smoking-with-HypnosisWhat I am going to do is buy this book I’ve had my eye on for quite a while, it’s this ebook by Leo Babauta. All in order to change my habits, one by one, little by little. I have already quit smoking, something I thought was imposible a few months ago. I think I can get myself to do what Leo did to transform his life, and that is to substitute one bad habit for a positive habit that is aligned with one’s purpose.

When I was younger, I could do that whenever I wanted to. I just had to stick with a certain practice for a month and it would become automatic, but now that I’m older, it’s not as easy (for me) to stick with habits. But if I was able to do that when I was younger, I know I could do that now (with a lot more will power and other handy tricks) but it is possible. I’m not sure how hard it would be, and sure, age has something to do with how hard it is to change one’s thought patterns, but continuous improvement is a habit I want to acquire. People often say “People don’t change”. If that is true, I want it to be true about my habit of continuous self-improvement. That would be a possitive constant in my life.

No, I am not being paid for mentioning Leo’s course on my blog. Take if from me, It’s something I want to do for me and for my character development.

I will be letting you know how I’m doing.


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