Don’t put me in a little box

My name is Tony I am a relatively new blogger. I am also a payroll administrator for a group of gas stations. I was convinced for many years that the corporate world was the best thing I could aspire to enter in order to live a fulfilled life. After almost a decade of it, even when it feels relatively safe, relatively riskless, relatively stable, I soon found out that it is killing my “spirit”.

This blog “Don’t put me in a little box” is a play on words with three different meanings, (1) I don’t want to be perceived as someone who fits one category and that’s it because I consider myself to be very eclectic. (2) I don’t feel like I can live the next 25+ years in an office doing payroll, so I am working on finding a way to set up 6 different income streams so that I can eventually break free from my day job. (3) Socially, I feel like I don’t quite fit in with the status quo and probably never have. I had trouble graduating from college due to a mix of ADD and a rebellious nature. I sometimes believe society tries to shape us into what we are expected to be, no questions asked, all in exchange for a perceived safety, but I think it’s at a high cost; we compromise our essence, the person we are in the innermost layer of our being.

That is why I am here, to record and document the transition from corporate “yes man” to becoming a “free man”. Minimalism is just one of the themes in this blog, but it is not a minimalism blog, remember, don’t put me in a little box.

Update: (Dec 10, 2015)
I’ve come to the point where I figured out my purpose for blogging here, so I’ve changed the name of the blog, for now on, it shall be called Freedom through minimalism. After a few months blogging about minimialism, personal development, and solopreneurship; it finally all clicked together. The goal is to achieve freedom, but first I have to go through some Personal Development, and minimalism is one of the best tools I’ve ever come across in order to go right into the essence of things. So, welcome to ‘Freedom through Minimalism’.




11 thoughts on “Don’t put me in a little box

      1. Yo tampoco sabia muy bien que era, si entras en mi blog, en la ultima entrada que se llama Blogger Recognitio Award ahi explica un poco de que se trata! A mi me nomiaron tambien, sin saber muy bien que era jaja 🙂

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  1. You may get this twice, not sure first one posted so trying again. I love your intention. You seem clear about your values, what really matters to you, and that is great. Discovering our values can be difficult. Whatever actions you take which align with your values will be in the right direction, so keep an eye on the prize and enjoy the journey! I look forward to sharing your journey.

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