It doesn’t happen overnight

Neither Personal Development or Solopreneurship can be achieved overnight.

Whenever someone comes to you and tells you that setting up your own income stream is easy and fast, they are either telling you a half-truth, or blatantly lying to you. Be wary of people who make bold statements like “I’ll teach you how to make 10,000 USD a month in 90 days“. Sure, they probably did it themselves, they probably show you screenshots of their bank account or other on-line platforms. That’s great, but they are probably not telling you everything. They either are withholding information, or lying. For example, they probably are not telling you that you need a certain amount of disposable income, you’ll need lots of time to research, and you’ll need lots of coaching in order to familiarize yourself with the process. Most likely, you’ll need all of those three. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The same goes with Personal Development, which I’ll call PD from now on. Sure, we can find a 10 dollar book or download an e-book onto your computer or tablet, but reading it and doing the exercises in the book can only go so far. PD takes years and years, it certainly has for me, I’m on my third year now. It takes commitment to yourself and others: it takes lots of introspection, it takes coaching, it can definitely be painful, and in some cases, it will take some money in order to achieve it. Remember, it takes all three: work, time, and resources.

Either way, both things can be achieved, but keep in mind that they both take a lot of work, time, and money. As of right now, there is no magical pill that will instantly put money in your bank accounts AND make you an amazing human being. There has to be real honesty, commitment, discipline, and constant action.

Full disclosure: I am working on my PD and creating my own location-independent company, but not all by myself. I have coaches and collaborators on both ends. I am working with a few people that are showing me the way to create income streams, additional to my full-time job. I am also fortunate enough to be coached in PD by a few people whose life’s purpose is to work on their own PD and help others achieve positive results in other people’s lives as well.

No, I am not a PD guru, nor do I intend to become one. This blog is simply to record and document my own PD and my location-independent on-line business. But from time to time, I will share some of my breakthroughs and realizations, but I am NOT claiming to be a coach. I’ll also post about other topics, simply because they are part of me, and part of my transformation. For instance, I talk about minimalism, not because I am anal about having the least possible number of material possessions, but simply because I once figured out that I had been living like that already, I just didn’t know my lifestyle had a name. Minimalism works for me, but I don’t work for it; it is not something I go out of my way to BE or do, that’s how I live without putting any effort to it. To put it another way, I don’t do minimalism, I AM a minimalist.

So, if you want to stick around and witness my own PD Progress, hit the follow button. You might learn something that may be beneficial to you, or at least a little entertaining.

Thank you.

It takes action, commitment, and resources.
It doesn’t happen overnight.

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