My personal Grand Slam would have to be composed of the three people on each base, and myself of course, the one swinging the bat. Each of these people represent an area in my life that I’d love to master.

The pitcher would have to send me the ball, not too skewed to the left or to the right. That means that my opportunities, and with great timing, I would create my income stream, I mean, I’ve already created it, but it hasn’t been put “out there” yet. It will be done any time now. It’s like I’m warming up on the sidelines, I’m swinging the bat but not hitting any balls. I do realize that unless I hit the ball right, none of the people on the bases will get to walk home, and that’s what gives me lots of mental pressure, but that’s a story fit for a different entry.

My guy in first base would be owning my independence, being self-employed, owning my time, etc. Oh, and also being debt free, which is almost a reality any day now.

My guy in second base would be to work on stuff that matters to me, my goals and dreams aligned with my passion and purpose.

And lastly, my guy in third base would be to be able to work from wherever I want, to not be confined to an office for most of the day.

When I hit the ball out of the park, [putting it all together in one sentence]
I will be debt free and independent, doing stuff that matters to me, from wherever I want.

Grand Slam

What about you? What would be your personal Grand Slam?


5 thoughts on “PERSONAL GRAND SLAM

  1. Looking for some inspiration bedtime read before I end my day and I’m glad I stumbled upon this treasure! Thank you for such a well written piece.

    Just want to tell you I enjoyed it very much.


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