3 Quotes 3 Days

Day 3

Today is a the last day in the challenge.
I reserved minimalism quotes for today, and I am breaking the rules. I have 5 quotes, instead of 3.

Quote 1 – Joshua Becker from becoming minimalist.

never-underestimate-the-importance copy
Quote 2 – Albert Einstein

Einstein simplicity

Quote 3 – Leonardo Da Vinci


Quote 4 – Steve Maraboli

letting go

Quote 5 – Leo Tolstoy


Today I challenge:

Miss Mathy




4 thoughts on “3 Quotes 3 Days

  1. I really like your quotes. We too try to let go of all the c*** we don’t need, but often difficult. Still we try and are always down to the charity shop with our excess baggage. If something comes in, something must go out.

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    1. Great! That is a common practice among minimalists, if you bring something in, something goes out. That way you’re not re-cluttering your home. But minimalism isn’t just about physical stuff, it expands to other things, I have a post coming up on that topic. Cheers!


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