I was given the task to make a list of things I enjoy doing, it doesn’t have to be in any particular order, just a list to focus on my favorite activities.

So without beating around the bush, here is the list:

I enjoy:

  • being with my close circle of friends.
  • watching YouTube videos to learn about my favorite subjects.
  • watching movies with my wife.
  • studying about sustainability.
  • singing, a lot.
  • taking care of my vegetable garden.
  • having serious talks and exchange experiences with friends.
  • making (writing, shooting, & editing) short films.
  • coming up with useful gadgets in my head.
  • how I feel about myself when I’m dressed formally.
  • daydreaming of going on adventures.
  • thinking about my side business.
  • solving puzzles, such as Sudoku.
  • taking on-line courses, reading, and learning a lot.
  • riding a bike / learning how to make a velomobile.

There it is, 15 things I enjoy doing.

What are yours?



7 thoughts on “Enjoyment

  1. Gosh 15 things that I enjoy doing in no particular order!
    1 Looking after my two adorable grandchildren, aged 18 months and 5 years
    2 Travelling, especially spending time at our holiday home in France
    3 Playing golf, rather badly I’m afraid!
    4 Writing poetry – I like that ALOT!
    5 Blogging
    6 Reading and learning about psychological stuff
    7 Spending time with close friends
    8 Walking with my dog near the sea where I live
    9 Spending time with my husband, we have been together for 30 years and he is my best friend
    10 Films – I love a good film including French films
    11 Speaking French
    12 Lying in the sun and reading a good book. I love that!!
    13 Learning about self development and trying to put it into practice
    14 Nice food and drink, especially wine
    15 Planning and taking trips

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  2. Here goes!
    1) Connecting with my grown children. ❤
    2) Watching my grandchildren grow into young adults
    3) Waking up in the morning and seeing the sun streaming through the blinds.
    4) Seeing the moon in a very dark sky
    5) Hearing the birds singing
    6) Creating art or creating a post for my website
    7) Having lunch with a friend/friends at a neat new restaurant
    8) Going to see the ocean and bringing along my sketchbook
    9) Traveling and seeing new places/learning about people
    10) A glass of wine with two ice cubes 🙂
    11) Exercising at the fitness club and meeting my goal
    12) Hanging around people who keep looking forward with hope
    13) A good breakfast
    14) Seeing good overcome evil
    15) Thinking about all the things that I enjoy! 😉

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