Digital Purge

When people think of minimalism, it is often limited to getting rid of stuff. And although that is true, it is merely the surface. Minimalism can and does span into other areas of our lives. The outside is a material representation of what’s on the inside. For example, my car a few years ago was a mess, I used to always put stuff in the back seat, even fast food wrappers, water bottles, empty cigarette packs, you get the idea. Whenever more than two people “had” to ride with me, I would have to first take that stuff out of the car and put it in the trunk, then I’d forget about it, and eventually I’d go over all that stuff and either take it into my house or throw it in the trash. That was before I started living minimal. After I got a new car, I have made it a point to keep the car clean.

Later on, I realized that I didn’t like having people ride in the back seat of my car. That is why I used to keep my back seat “occupied”. It was a material representation of my subconscious.

So, then I thought, if our outside reflects what’s on the inside, what else needs work around me, and what is that saying about me? So I found some cob webs in my house and I cleaned those. While I was cleaning them with a broom, I though, “what does that mean?” I thought about it and I realize that -to me- it meant that I am putting all my time and energy into what’s on the inside of the house (my mind), and I’m neglecting the outside (my body), which is true, so I started walking every day.

Minimalism is not just about getting rid of stuff. It’s about purging all things that are no longer useful, or that we no longer value, or that we haven’t thought about for a while, however long that while might be.

Just like throwing out or donating a ripped pair of jeans which you haven’t worn in a year, you can also get rid of other things that are not material. For example, that guy/girl that you haven’t talked to in two years, but we still have them as friends on facebook, and they never comment, they never don’t send you a happy birthday or interact with you in any way for years, do not even hesitate to unfriend them, let them go. There is a reason you and them are not talking, it isn’t anyone’s fault. However, it is very clear that you haven’t been friends in the real world, so why would you want to keep them around in digital form on facebook?

Having said that, I pledge to get rid of 5 things today that isn’t necessarily in physical form.

So today I unfriended about 24 people on facebook that haven’t interacted with me at all in the last 2 years.

Protip: If you go into your friend list (on the desktop version), it will give you a list of friends based on your interaction with them, so you can be sure to jump to the bottom of the list and unfriend people from there. You’ll be amazed of who you have there on the bottom.

Until next time, free yourself.


One picture is missing, but you get the idea.


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