2015 Year in review.

This post is late, but I wanted to post it anyway before it’s way too late for it to be relevant. So here it goes.

2015 was one hell of a year for me. I wish I could say it’s been the best year of my life to date, it might be, it certainly was an enlightening year.

I came to realize what I want out of life, my true goals, not what I think others want for me, that is completely irrelevant at this point.

It was as if I suddenly woke up in a car in the middle of nowhere and heading to a crappy town, and realizing that I let others drive my car, for years. I realized that I didn’t know how we got lost, but just knowing that it’s not where I wanted to go, the only thing I could do was to stop blaming others for my life’s outcome and take ownership. So this past summer, I jumped to into the driver’s seat and stopped complaining about going in the wrong direction. I became oriented and turned the car around. Now at least I drive knowing where I want to go, but it’s going to take a few months to go back to the main road where we veered off in the wrong direction some time ago.

In 2015, I set in motion my side project and made a plan to stop working a job I do not enjoy. It may be one of the riskiest things I will have ever done, but it works out, it will be totally worth it.  Also in 2015, I started this blog, and at first I did not know the direction it would eventually take, but so far, I love the shape it’s taking.

What significant changes did you make in 2015?


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