¡Hola a todos!


That’s spanish for “hello everyone!” I just had my best week in a loooong time. I took a road trip all by myself and got in touch with part of my past. It was quite an emotional thing for me to do. I went back to my favorite city, the place where I went to college (uni).

I’ve explored new opportunities to finally achieve my personal happiness and I’m excited that my wife is 100% on board with the situation. She loves the idea of possibly moving next year. She really makes me feel like she has my back because she really does. I really am lucky to have her with me. I could do this on my own, for myself, but it would make little sense for me to do this, I am doing this to be happy WITH her and not to lose my wife in the process. She is certainly not an obstacle, she is one of the reasons. She motivates me to go for my dreams because -damn it- I freaking deserve to have them. I’ve done the hard work already, why not go all the way?

So I am starting an new company, a two people company. I know I can make this work, the business model is different and can definitely work. I am so excited… but I will put it in the backburner for now, and first finish setting up my other company.

That’s why I haven’t posted anything in the last week or so. But whatever happens, I’ll be posting it here.



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