About Sir Tonix

Hello. This is Tony. I am an ex-husband (will replace the picture soon, as soon as I take a good loner selfie), and elder brother to George and David.

I’m a creative force who loves movies and lives a minimalist lifestyle by default.

I’m working on my own goals (here’s what I’m working NOW), making myself happy by collecting experiences (not things), removing what isn’t necessary, in order to focus on what’s important.

So what’s important to me?  To live a simple life, doing what I love doing, and develop myself to the best of my ability, in order to find my path to freedom in all possible forms.

This blog is here to share my progress with those who may want to learn how to simplify their lives. Thanks for dropping by.




6 thoughts on “About Sir Tonix

  1. I like your minimalist style. My parents are hoarders so when I moved away I made minimalism my goal. Well, at least where I live. Too bad I can’t apply minimalism to my blogging!

    Speaking of, you have a great blog! I like your “Start Here” idea for your blog. I never thought about having something like that either of my blogs.

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    1. I can totally relate, my mom was a hoarder, but since my grandparents died and left her their house, she started purging little by little, now she’s gone overboard with it. But I like what she’s been doing.

      Anyway, sadly… I didn’t come up with the ‘Start here’ idea. I found a page like that on a few blogs I follow, including Joshua Becker’s blog ‘becoming minimalist’. I thought about doing something like that too.

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  2. Sir Tonix, I am here because of an error on the comment to someone else. But would hate to lose the opportunity to make a new friend, so I’m marking your follow. Hope you check my blog space and decide to stay with me also. Your “minimalist” approach to living has so much to be said for it. I will be 82 this month and “stuff” is getting to be a burden and I’d rather not leave my 282 old books,early 1900’s, or my 162 little Golden Books, before 1984, for someone else to worry about. And one thing is very sure; I’m not taking them with me! Only my soul is moving out of here. Isn’t it amazing that that is the one thing many people neglect while they are accumulating “stuff”?


    1. Oneta, firstly, thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Secondly, I wish this was “my approach” to minimalism. Many other minimalists have come before me and I surely will not be the last. I am only blogging about my own journey.
      Thirdly, you’re very right when you say you’ll definitely not take any of your stuff with you. My mom had to go through everything my grandparents accumulated over their lifetime, and I’ll probably do the same when it’s time for my mom to go. Unfortunately, stuff often gives us a false feeling of security because I think we’ve been conditioned to think stuff is going to make us happy, which is why I think we do everything: why we work, why we buy so much stuff, why we treasure stone, plastic, metal, paper, and wood. If your stuff is beginning to become a burden, your subconscious might be telling you to start getting rid of some of the stuff which is no longer necessary and/or valuable to you and your loved ones.

      Furthermore, I think you’re absolutely right when you say that it’s more important to work on one’s self than on accumulating stuff.

      Thanks for your comment, and have an amazing day.


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