What I’m doing now.

Hi! I’m using my valuable time on the following projects:

  • I’m working on my own business. (started in August 2016)
  • Paying off my debt (again) and a debt that isn’t even mine, but that’s how it goes.
  • I’m already working remotely, working on getting more clients.
  • I’m working on producing and directing a new short film called THE CAPTAIN. Done.
  • Writing a new short film script called SCRATCH. Done
  • I’m working on producing the SCRATCH short film. (Shooting day 2: Nov 14, 2017)
  • I’ve been playing with an idea for a book. I will do the outline soon and see if it actually can be an endeavor worth pursuing.
  • I want to work on getting a traveling vehicle, maybe a van.
  • I’m want to start traveling while working remotely until one of four things happen:
    • Get tired of the road
    • Get settled into an amazing place
    • Get back to my favorite city
    • I die.

These are my priorities at the moment and I say NO to everything else, especially new projects, but I may change my mind, pitch me your idea and I may do that too, you never know.

If you have feedback or suggestions for posts, let me know in the comment section below.

Last update: Nov 6, 2017 (Page inspired by Derek Sivers.)